Hiring An Architect For Construction Projects

architectPlanning, execution and completion of successful construction projects require a combined effort on the part of architects, engineers, consultants and all parties involved. Chennai an ever expanding city has many construction projects which either involves in the construction of new projects or renovation of the old. Both cases require the best architects and consultants in Chennai to work efficiently and for timely delivery of the project. Architects play a crucial role in helping the company realize its objectives and guides them through the design and construction process. The help through the complex regulatory building processes which include zonal by-laws, contractors’ bids and building codes. More details can be found at careercornerstone.org

The well trained and professionally qualified architect can transform the company’s ideas into design solutions to meet functional needs. An architect may serve as coordinator, technical manager and advisor to design and administer a contract that results in timely completion of a premium project in a cost effective manner. Since there is so much that depends on the architect, it becomes essential to find the right architect for the project. Here are a few aspects to look into when hiring an architect.

Professional qualification: When hiring an architect look for specific educational qualifications and applicable license or registration required. The architect must have several years of monitored experience related to all aspects of practice and extensive examinations. Architects must have a relevant permit to practice the profession to offer and provide architectural services to clients.

Services offered by architects: Architects usually provide services that include design, preparation of construction documents and administration. Their services may also include troubleshooting, feasibility studies, facilities management and architectural programming. The requirements of the project will vary based on the complexity of the project, planning and development capabilities, project’s particular requirements and sometimes even other unforeseen circumstances.

Architects often also manage and coordinate the services of structural engineers, mechanical engineers and electrical engineers. The architect acts as the prime consultant and hires engineering sub-consultants and is responsible for the design and execution until the successful completion of the project. The architect’s services may also include market analysis, interior design, graphic design, landscape architecture, cost control and energy budgets.

Find an architect: Some of the provincial architectural associations who have architects as registered member will provide a copy of the directory on request. The prospective client may review the summarized information on various architects as relevant to their field of expertise in the directory. The directory may also provide information of the year of establishment, firm’s principles, completed projects, commissions, awards and staff.

One may even visit the architect’s websites to evaluate potential architects.

The firms or architects of interest may be visited and enquired for their portfolio. Their portfolio will give a clear insight into their experience and capabilities.

Organizations that already have established projects may willingly give recommendations of architects and consultancies.

Advertising through local or national media will help find the services of appropriate architects. The advertisement must be formulated such that it specifies your requirement to help narrow down your search and find a perfect fit. The advertisement must have the name of the client’s organization, the name of the project, a brief description of the project along with its size and value, and details for contact.

Select an architect: One of the most common methods of selecting the right architect is by the qualifications or quality based selection. This method chooses the architect based on the basis of professional qualifications and competence. This project will provide the company with the best-qualified architect who can help develop and accomplish the project. The qualification based selection is based on predetermined criteria like the architect’s history and capabilities, related experience with similar projects, familiarity with local resources and geography, project management experience and skills and methodology. This selection may even be influenced by the reputation of the architect, technical competence, rapport, commitment and creativity.

Direct selection of an architect is usually employed when the project is relatively small and the client selects an architect based on a recommendation from reliable sources, personal acquaintance, or based on reputation.

consAnother method of selection is by hosting an architectural design competition. This method is suitable for both public and private projects and assists in the selection of both an architect and a suitable design. The competition is articulated such that the participants are required to submit solutions to a particular problem. The submitted solutions are judged on basis of comparative excellence. The successful competitor is awarded the commissioning of the actual project. The competition may be open to all architects or limited by invitation to restricted a number of architects.

The structure of agreement: The client-architect agreement must be a definite understanding of respective obligations, responsibilities and expectations. The agreement must be made after a thorough review of the services to be provided by the architect, time schedule for execution and completion of project, architect’s fees and the method of payment. All agreements must be outlined in a written contract and must be based on recognized standards.

The agreement will also require the client to outline information regarding requirements of the project under consideration, physical specifications, site aspects, legal services and schedule for payment of fees. The client is also responsible for providing legal and insurance services while paying for arbitration, translation and expert witness services if the need arises.

There are many civil and structural engineering consultants in Chennai who offer a wide range of services for the successful completion of projects. You can get more details about the importance of civil construction consultants at aboutcivil.org.

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