SEO Or SMO? What’s The Difference? Read On To Put An End To All Your Queries!


Before you approach the best SEO services in Chennai to get your SMO and SEO customised package, it’s a good idea to acquaint yourself with the basics of SEO and SMO. An experienced SEO consultant could help you get a fair idea on the differences between both and help you choose the right one to serve your needs. A recent consumer survey indicated that more than 88% of customers trust online reviews when it comes to buying a product or looking for a service. You can read more of the findings of the survey here at,

SEO or SMO? Which one matters the most?
While SEO has been around for a pretty long time, SMO is fairly new. Google still maintains that social media does not play a role when it comes to ranking, reality states otherwise. To begin with, SEO is Search Engine Optimisation whereas SMO is Social Media Optimisation. SEO is plenty of things, but the foremost tactic of SEO is to focus on link building. Link building is nothing but getting backlinks to your web page from other reputed sites in your niche. Whereas, SMO is a part of SEO, which focuses on what your clients speak about your products or services online.

Why does your Online Presence Matter?
If your business doesn’t have a visible presence online, then your existing clients, as well as future clients, will find it difficult to locate your business online. There are three major ways by which people find a business online today.
1. Your website is present on the first page of search engine results
2. A friend or an acquaintance recommends your web page to a client
3. Clients have heard about your business on social media and they look up your page online
Choosing to go the SEO or SMO route is dependent on the goals you wish to achieve.

seoThe Process: Helps you to optimise your site for search engines.
Goal: To ultimately increase the traffic to your web page
Strategies: Intensive Keyword research, on-page optimisation, adding Alt Tags, Meta descriptions, alters coding, link building and so on.
Results: SEO doesn’t happen overnight and results are seen over a long term.

The Process: Sharing or spreading the reach of your content via social media networks.
Goal: To increase brand awareness and to make your brand popular among the targeted audience.
Strategies: Creation of quality content which is then shared with a huge number of people through social networks.
Results: Usually, seen in a short span of time.

Why do you need a mix of both SEO & SMO?
SEO & SMO are not a one-time process. As search engines continue to get smarter, the search algorithms also keep on evolving. This means that your SEO & SMO game also should keep on evolving over time. SMO is essential to pull in a huge number of targeted audiences over a short period, whereas SEO is essential to make your website rank better.

So when you employ the best SEO provider in Chennai, make sure to opt for an SEO & SMO package to benefit in the long run.

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