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With the evolution of fascinating spa experiences and untold health benefits, one cannot resist visiting a spa. An array of psychological and physical benefits is provided by the varied spa treatments and massage therapies. They are really quick and relatively reasonable in pricing. Many clinical studies have proven the direct relationship between the regularity of visiting a spa that directly associates with sound sleep, fewer sicknesses, less absence from work and trace hospitalizations. To be even more specific, the heat from a thermal bath or a steam shower pacifies aches and calms down the pain resulting from arthritis, fibromyalgia and other bone joint problems. Water therapy, heat therapy and massages enhance the effective circulation of blood and develop good blood pressure control.

Some spa in Chennai even utilizes yoga-based therapies that improve flexibility, elasticity and breathing. Massage therapy promotes the stimulation of lymph flow which in turn contributes to an effective immune system. During the course of a massage therapy, many benefits such as maintenance of proper lymph flow, removal of metabolic waste, toxins and bacteria are permitted. This, in turn, improves the body’s defence mechanism. Excess water from the muscles is also removed during a massage therapy. This decreases inflammation and pain and offers the enhanced ability to fight against the disease causing pathogens. A good massage also enhances circulation and helps maintain a good physical posture.

Various spa in Egmore offers unique facials and mud baths that purify the skin from accumulated toxins, waste and bacteria. Skin being the largest organ in the body has to be maintained with utmost care. Skin also acts as the first line of resistance to atmospheric toxins. Mud baths nurture the skin by utilizing the earth’s organic elements such as soil, clay and water that is rich in vitamins and minerals. A spa bath is one such enticing experience which has a galore of health benefits as well. Apart from health based adages it offers real relaxation, relieves stress and provides immense refreshment. If you are still looking out for more reasons to indulge in a mesmerizing spa bath, here you go.


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A spa bath can enhance cardiovascular health by improving the functioning of the heart. On immersing yourself in a tub of water filled up to the neck region by itself offers a cardiac workout coupled with immense joy. As the water increases the pressure on the body the cardiac volume is multiplied by several times. In simpler words, when you are water logged, the heart works efficiently, thereby stays fit and healthy. A profound spa bath promotes a sound sleep. It is generally said that lukewarm water stimulates relaxation and promotes sleep. A bath inside a tub of water offers relaxation to muscles, raises the body temperature and stimulates sleep.

Hot or lukewarm water apart from providing relaxation to the body helps relieve body aches and pains. It is also used to treat arthritis and sports injuries such as muscle twitch or pulls. A severe pain not associated with a cracked bone can definitely be got rid by a relaxing spa bath. Several studies performed by renowned studies state that a rejuvenating spa bath can also work to lower blood pressure. People who are prone to heart disease due to elevated blood pressure can definitely benefit by periodic spa baths. The Hot water utilized in the spa baths raise the heart rate and simultaneously lowers the blood pressure to benefit the functioning of the heart.

Spa baths have proven benefits in terms of enhancing weight loss and also contributes towards improved glucose control. A clinical trial of hundred people suffering from diabetes reveals that taking spa baths at regular intervals reduce blood glucose levels. The result also exposes that immersing in a spa bath for about 30 to 40 minutes for almost five days a week enables losing five pounds in a month’s time. This was possible without the inclusion of exercise or a change in the diet. The relaxation and warmth provided by the spa bath are good in terms of reducing stress. The rejuvenating experience in the warm water improves physical as well as cognitive health thereby enhancing the overall well-being.

The warmth provided by the spa bath opens up the pores in the body and cleans them. A spa bath can be rejuvenating in terms of removing the embedded dirt and toxins from the body. Thus a spa bath offers complete refreshment with a deep cleansing of the skin. It also acts as a potential detoxification tool. Spa bath travels a step ahead and relieves headaches. It dilates blood vessels, provides relaxation and warmth. When the blood vessels are dilated, the pressure inside the head gets reduced thereby fixing the headache. So, next time when a headache pulls you down does not forget to take a refreshing spa bath.

Tatler.com highlights a unique benefit of spas.Spa bath also promotes confidence and self-esteem. A relaxed mind feels good and develops good thoughts. The psychological benefits of a spa bath are in fact highly perceptible. It can elevate mood and contributes to a better self-worth. A spa bath offers the best perception about oneself and improves the confidence levels tremendously. Before heading for a big event, step and immerse yourself into a spa bath for the cognitive and psychological boost. Anxiety one of the difficult problems to handle can be tackled with ease by obtaining a spa bath. The warmth, rejuvenation and relaxation offered by the spa bath also help relieve anxiety. A spa bath though it does not work wonders it goes a long way in offering a healthier lifestyle. So, do enjoy a good spa bath occasionally to feel healthy, refreshed and rejuvenated.

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