1. Nandita Rathi

    A healthy life style will always help you to be away from the diseases and aging problems. One of the best method known to all of us is Exercise, but I would like to add one more component to it – Meditation. Really it helps a lot and keeps your body and mind fresh. Another point which I would like to add is Early to Bed and Early to rise will surely help you out.

  2. gandimathi

    Who doesn’t like a healthy lifestyle, everyone of us want it..!! But what actually matters is the how much we succeed in doing that. Maintaining a healthy life style needs some patience, perseverance and consistency. Daily exercise, yoga and meditation is not a joke, but once you get habituated then it will be a cakewalk for you.

  3. Marish

    Healthy lifestyle will keep you strong and free from all kind of diseases. After watching this video, it has become more clear about my doubts. Thanks for posting such a informative video and expecting the same in future too..

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