Privacy Policy

Our site does not need any personal information from you except your computer’s IP address. This IP address is required only for providing better services, diagnosing problems in the site server and ensuring that our website works well. The IP address may also be used in case there is a Desk Operating System attack. We care about your security and make sure that your information is not misused by a third party. Our site allows companies to advertisements on our website. These ads have cookies which are used for the login and for no other reasons. The only personal information that is required is your email id. While your email id is used only for reaching you for providing updates on our websites. At no point is your email id given to a third-party for any reason whatsoever. You are also free to have a subscription service from our site, and you are provided with the option of not permitting the owner of the blog to have your email id. Users who are registered on the site has the permission to contact you if and when needed. Security is one of the most vital things that we give importance to. also makes sure that a “no-spam” policy is strictly adhered to. also contains links to other sites, but viewers are requested to be cautious when opening links to third-party sites. also ensures that at no time a person’s email id is given to anyone else, and has several measures to prevent theft or loss of information which is within its control.