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A Quick Check on the Tools and Equipment Requirement of Fabrication Industry

The fabrication of structural steel is an act of making a framework and structures for commercial purposes. It is fashioned by bending, cutting, moulding, and welding structural steel. There are many types of steel and structural steel is one of them. The structural steel is mostly used in the construction industry as it is strong and robust when compared to other steel types. Learning from metal fabrication Singapore, it is known that it is very much similar to that of the welding process. Not only is the process similar, its equipment, tools, and machinery are also the same type.

Let’s take a look at some of the common tools and equipment of the fabrication industry.

Oxy-gas Torches are best suited for small scale fabrications

Separating the Oxy-fuel torches with that of the other varied fuel gases, oxygen is used either to cut or weld the components of the structural steel. The torches mostly use propylene, gasoline, hydrogen, and acetylene. They are best suited for small scale and physical fabrications.

Magnetic Drills are portable Machines

For drilling holes in the objects of structural steel, Magnetic Drills are used. It is known to be the best for drilling heavy objects and cannot be moved or lifted. It has a magnetic base which is fixed permanently and is also known as Mag Base.

Cold Saw is known for its speed power

It is a portable and hand-held saw machine that comes with a circular electric toothed blade motor. It produces the lowest cost for the cuts when compared to other sawing methods. The blade of the cold saw rotates at a fast speed and provides precise cutting. Check Out This –

Collection Of Tools And Equipments Arranged In A Table For An Industrial Purpose.

Hem Band Saw
It is one of the best cutting machines that have the ability to cut the steel at 45, 60 and 90 degrees. It provides flexibility and control’s the fabricator as the pressure is applied to the blade tension. The guide arm of the machine can be manually adjusted. The features of the manual control are located at the front which makes it easier to take a close look and observe the cuts as and when they are made.

Shot Blaster
The work of the Shot Blaster is to polish, clean and harden the steel structures. The machine uses spherical balls or shots, granules of silicon carbide, and sand to polish and cleans the surface. It is done to make it ready for more coatings further.

Plate Processor
The purpose of the machine is to automatically produce the components of plate steel that require punching for shape cutting, shaped holes, thermal cutting through high plasma definition, part marking and drilling.

Press Brake and Cambering Machine
The press brake machine is usually used to fold or bend the sheets and plates of structural steel. It works by clamping both the sheets between a die pair and matching punch. This machine converts steel strips and sheets to girders, channels, angles, and sections. Just like the working condition of the Press Brake, the Cambering machine also changes the steel form. It converts to beams and sections into horizontal or vertical arcs unlike bending and folding the sheets.

Image Showcasing Respective Ironworker Tools In Steel Fabrication Company.

This is another prime machine in the structural steel fabrication industry. It is known to perform many tasks like punching, shearing, cambering, notching, bending angles, flat plates, channels, rods, and bars.

A few of the important tools that one must possess in the fabrication industry are as follows.

  • A 4 ½ inches or 6-inch angle grinder – It is a powerful tool that is used for grinding, cutting and polishing varied metal types.
  • A Set of Cleco fasteners – It fastens multiple metal sheets temporarily before it is joined permanently. It acts as a clothespin.
  • Varied angle grinder discs – It includes grinding wheels that can be conventional abrasives or superabrasives. It includes flap discs and cutoff wheels.
  • A Throatless Shear – It is used to achieve straight, irregular or curved cuts on a projected metal. It comes with three holes for basic mounting and has a tall handle to give you the grip to cut the stainless steel, aluminum or mild steel easily. It is an everyday tool in the industry.
  • Wire Cutter – It is a very important tool that every handyman must possess to snip frayed ends.

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