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Major dissimilarities between a domestic and industrial sewing machine

Which sewing machine should one select?

Before investing your money in a sewing machine, ensure your purpose of buying it. Make a detailed study of your sewing needs. Before investing, consider the factors listed below:

  • Buy a machine that suits your fabric. If you are using a tough material like denim, then a heavy strength providing machine is to be purchased. And for materials like cotton low strength machine is enough.
  • The type of stitch you need is a paramount factor before you invest.
  • Measure your workload that you will give to your machine. If you have to manufacture less, then go with the domestic one. And if you have large orders then go with the alternate one.

We will discuss the types of sewing machines which will make your mind more clear during selection. There are two types of sewing machines.

  1. Domestic sewing machine and
  2. Industrial sewing machine

Let us discuss each type in detail that will mention the difference in the duo.

Applications of a domestic sewing machine

Many people develop a passion for sewing from an early age. And for such enthusiasts, domestic sewing machines are designed. Some might convert their passion for sewing into a profession. The domestic workers don’t require any heavy-duty machines to work for their profession. As they are only going to stitch some shirts, cover, and curtains. Keeping this idea in mind, the industrial developers have designed the domestic sewing machine.

These machines can work with varieties of stitch types. The only concern with the domestic sewing machine is they cannot function with heavy materials or fabrics denim.

Some of the popular uses of the industrial sewing machine

The significant difference between an industrial sewing machine and the domestic sewing machine is the “variety”. The industrial sewing machines are available in different types. And each type has a specific paramount role to play in the manufacturing process.

The different sewing machines provide different stitching patterns like lock stitch, overlock stitch, blind stitch. There are different machines for creating buttonholes and attaching buttons.

Domestic sewing machine Vs Industrial sewing machine
The industrial sewing machines run longer than the domestic sewing machines. They don’t require much maintenance. They have strong motors that can run effectively on high-speed usage. Some of the industrial sewing machines are compatible with programming, and hence they can simplify the task of the workers. One can control these machines using a computer. The right match of the equipment with the machine defines the success of the manufacturing.

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