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The top 3 tech trends for the machine building in the manufacturing industry

The technology is a boon to manufacturers all over the world

The brand new technological trends like IoT (Internet of Things), cloud and blockchain computing are revolutionizing the production lines. The manufacturing industry is rising at a great pace and never imagined production targets are in the zone today. The manufacturers all across the globe have to access the change to stay ahead of competitors. So let’s look into the top 3 trends a manufacturer should monetize at their production line.

Artificial Intelligence is the new chant to success

The successful future of the manufacturing industry depends on machine learning and artificial intelligence. The AI will replace the workforce and manpower deployed at production lines. One has to just encode a program for the AI to complete tasks with pace and accuracy. Experts suggest AI can provide effective productivity in its coming updates. The AI is the most powerful technology which a manufacturing industry can possess.

One of the popular companies like Siemens is optimizing machine learning to improve their working standards. They are using AI for detecting the direction of the wind. Thus it helps them to monitor their wind turbines to produce maximized electricity output.

Cloud computing, edge and AR (augmented reality) are integral components of an industry

According to the experts, in 2018 nearly 66% of industries over the globe are working with cloud computing on their production lines. From these reports, we can predict that there will be a basaltic use of virtual data in every branch of the manufacturing industry.

The use of cloud computing can minimize the cost and space spent on heavy equipment computing systems. The cloud computing is a multi-tasking technology that can carry multiple functions with a single click saving precious time. The customer demands can be met easily.

The biggest change is yet to come when the edge computing will combine with cloud computing to provide results. The combination of the duo can provide tremendous speed and performance of storing and processing large volumes of data and simplifying the tasks of a data analyst.

AR headsets will sooner replace the hardhats at the assembly line of the manufacturing industry. The AR will instruct the workers to carry out repairs and will also save the data to stimulate the repair instructions when needed. This will help the manufacturing industry deliver their products with absolute efficiency.

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